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About Us

Jim and Gina Barry 2020

Hi ! We’re a couple of Canadians who have believed for along time that supporting local is important. Whether it’s next door over, the next town or any province or territory. We are manufacturers ourselves. Our hands were stirring up the flour (bakery) for many years, with a little bit of sawdust on the side (woodworking). Now we spend all of our time woodworking, with a little bit of baking at home, here in Nova Scotia.

It’s like this, if you grow it in Canada or make it from parts bought in Canada, and have it for sale to the retail public, then you should be listed here on this web site. We will even list the Canadian retail stores that sell your product!

The premise for is to collect as many Canadian manufacturers into one database, freely accessible to everyone. Whether you weld stuff together, or glue crafts together, or make great art, or grow egg and bacon. Do you cut meat as a local butcher or saw logs to lumber as a sawyer? Do you make clothing or shoes? Pizza? Baked goods? Maybe you make soups to go and purchase your vegetables from a local farmer, or leather from a local tannery to make your boots and belts. Maybe you make your own music and want to get the word out or you’re a photographer and sell your portraits and prints. And we can’t forget about tea, coffee and beer!

Get listed!

As we develop the site, we will add more content. Makers of Canadian stuff are invited to submit their info. Simply copy and paste the list below in an email, provide your info and send us your details:

  1. Business name, brand or whatever name you are doing business as.
  2. Address including postal code (important).
  3. Tags: Up to 5 words or phrases that describe what you sell.
  4. Picture of logo, products or something that identifies your product (ideal size is 1200×675 but send us what you have and we can edit if necessary)
  5. URL – web site or online store, wherever it may be (your own web site, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, etc). If you only use email, we can use your email address so people can contact you directly.
  6. A paragraph describing your business and or products. Tell us about yourselves!

We want to connect as many local businesses as possible. Retail stores that sell Canadian made products are invited to reach to us as well, provide us with contact info from the Canadian manufacturers and we’ll get everyone linked up, including you!

We’ve created an online form to submit your information. Truth be told, we’re not coders by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s a little bit of ‘testing the waters’ to see if it works. Meantime, you can also send us an email.