Bountywoods Farm, Nova Scotia - Canadian Farm product manufacturing

Marvin and Amanda Weber run the historic family farm Bountywoods Farm in the vicinity of Berwick, Nova Scotia. Each of our eight kids contributes as we work as a team to generate farm-fresh food. We also raise pasture-raised grass-fed cattle, eggs, veggies, herbs, and cut flowers in addition to free-range pork, chicken, and turkey that are fed organic feed. Knowing that our meat products’ flavour is just the beginning allows you to appreciate them to the fullest. Our animals have as much access to the outdoors as possible, where they are free to graze, root, or enjoy some sunbathing—basically, to be who and what they were intended to be. Pigs and poultry receive organic, non-GMO food from us, while cows only receive grass-fed milk.