Four Seasons Farm, Nova Scotia - Canada's Farm Produce Manufacturing

Since 1992, Four Seasons Farm has been a family-owned operation nestled in Nova Scotia, specializing in the cultivation of certified organic vegetables and culinary herbs. With a commitment to sustainable practices, our farm currently tends to over 6 acres of field crops, with ample room for expansion. Utilizing greenhouses, we extend our growing season to ensure a diverse range of produce year-round. Our offerings are seasonally available to local restaurants and hotels in the Halifax area, as well as at the Historic Farmers Market in Halifax.

Beyond our cultivation efforts, we prioritize the education and training of aspiring farmers. Annually, we welcome 4-6 individuals from across the globe for internships focused on hands-on learning in sustainable agriculture. Opportunities also exist for volunteering or paid positions.

Nourish your bodies, nurture your minds with Four Seasons Farm!