K2 Milling, Ontario - Flour Mill Products Manufactured in Canada

k2MILLING is an artisanal flour mill based in Ontario that runs just north of Toronto. The process used by k2MILLING was created in-house. It’s not a hammer mill, a roller mill, or a stone mill. It’s a kold mill, to be precise. It is not patented, but it is guarded by the mill’s knights! Its one-of-a-kind design keeps the flour’s flavour. Every other method of milling eliminates flavour. All that’s left after the dust settles is flavour. Blueberry flour, hemp flour, malt barley flour, wheat bran flour, flint corn meal, and country bread flour are just a few of the unusual flours we mill. We may also act as your flour mill, milling your product into the desired granulation.