KROFT Furniture, Ontario - Canadian Made Furniture

KROFT is a design-focused manufacturer of handmade and original furniture and accessories. We produce all of our products in small batches locally and responsibly in Toronto, Canada. KROFT is a dynamic design firm that creates and manufactures furniture for both commercial and residential spaces. It was founded in 2014. Their products are sold in stores, but they also work directly with the Architecture and Design communities in Toronto and around the world. Their product line is backed up with a one-of-a-kind, high-end customized service, and they’ve been hired for projects ranging from residential to retail. Their main focus is solid wood furniture, but they also work with glass, metal, plastic, stone, and other materials. They’re always willing to talk about special projects or contract work. With a shop that covers almost 10,000 square feet, they have plenty of room for larger projects.